Date: September 29, 2022


  • Updated and expanded developer documentation.
  • Added kube-demo target to demonstrate Envoy Gateway functionality.
  • Added developer debugging documentation.


  • Added Gateway API conformance tests.


  • Added watchers for dependent resources of managed Envoy infrastructure.
  • Added Gateway namespace/name labels to managed resources.
  • Added support for finalizing the managed GatewayClass.


  • Updated xds server and Envoy bootstrap config to use Delta xDS.
  • Added initial support for mTLS between the xDS server and Envoy.


  • Expanded support for Gateway API status.
  • Added support for request modifier and redirect filters.
  • Added support to return 500 responses for invalid backends.

Message Service

  • Updated IRs to support managing multiple Envoy fleets.

Infra Manager

  • Separate Envoy infrastructure is created per Gateway.

Last modified May 25, 2024: fix api wording (#3467) (5bc5e0f)