Gateway Address

The Gateway API provides an optional Addresses field through which Envoy Gateway can set addresses for Envoy Proxy Service. The currently supported addresses are:


Install Envoy Gateway:

helm install eg oci:// --version v0.5.0 -n envoy-gateway-system --create-namespace

Wait for Envoy Gateway to become available:

kubectl wait --timeout=5m -n envoy-gateway-system deployment/envoy-gateway --for=condition=Available

External IPs

Using the addresses in Gateway.Spec.Addresses as the External IPs of Envoy Proxy Service, this will require the address to be of type IPAddress.

Install the GatewayClass, Gateway from quickstart:

kubectl apply -f -n default

Set the address of the Gateway, the address settings here are for reference only:

kubectl patch gateway eg --type=json --patch '[{
   "op": "add",
   "path": "/spec/addresses",
   "value": [{
      "type": "IPAddress",
      "value": ""

Verify the Gateway status:

kubectl get gateway

eg     eg   True         14m

Verify the Envoy Proxy Service status:

kubectl get service -n envoy-gateway-system

NAME                            TYPE           CLUSTER-IP      EXTERNAL-IP   PORT(S)        AGE
envoy-default-eg-64656661       LoadBalancer       80:31017/TCP   15m
envoy-gateway                   ClusterIP    <none>        18000/TCP      15m
envoy-gateway-metrics-service   ClusterIP    <none>        8443/TCP       15m

Note: If the Gateway.Spec.Addresses is explicitly set, it will be the only addresses that populates the Gateway status.

Last modified May 25, 2024: fix api wording (#3467) (5bc5e0f)