This document serves as a high-level reference for Envoy Gateway users and contributors to understand the direction of the project.

Contributing to the Roadmap

  • To add a feature to the roadmap, create an issue or join a community meeting to discuss your use case. If your feature is accepted, a maintainer will assign your issue to a release milestone and update this document accordingly.

  • To help with an existing roadmap item, comment on or assign yourself to the associated issue.

  • If a roadmap item doesn’t have an issue, create one, assign yourself to the issue, and reference this document. A maintainer will submit a pull request to add the feature to the roadmap. Note: The feature should be discussed in an issue or a community meeting before implementing it.

If you don’t know where to start contributing, help is needed to reduce technical, automation, and documentation debt. Look for issues with the help wanted label to get started.


Roadmap features and timelines may change based on feedback, community contributions, etc. If you depend on a specific roadmap item, you’re encouraged to attend a community meeting to discuss the details, or help us deliver the feature by contributing to the project.

Last Updated: October 2022

v0.2.0: Establish a Solid Foundation

  • Complete the core Envoy Gateway implementation- Issue #60.

  • Establish initial testing, e2e, integration, etc- Issue #64.

  • Establish user and developer project documentation- Issue #17.

  • Achieve Gateway API conformance (e.g. routing, LB, Header transformation, etc.)- Issue #65.

  • Setup a CI/CD pipeline- Issue #63.

v0.3.0: Drive Advanced Features through Extension Mechanisms

  • Global Rate Limiting

  • AuthN/AuthZ- Issue #336.

  • Lets Encrypt Integration

v0.4.0: Manageability and Scale

  • Tooling for devs/infra admins to aid in managing/maintaining EG

  • Support advanced provisioning use cases (e.g. multi-cluster, serverless, etc.)

  • Perf testing (EG specifically)

  • Support for Chaos engineering?