Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.6

Envoy Gateway v0.6 release announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of Envoy Gateway v0.6!

This is the fifth functional release of Envoy Gateway. We would like to thank the entire Envoy Gateway community for helping publish the release.

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What’s New

The release adds a ton of features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Gateway API

  • Upgraded to Gateway API v1.0
  • Added support for HTTPRoute Timeouts

Add Control Plane Proxy Telemetry

  • Added Support for Metrics Telemetry

Add Support for directly configuring xDS

  • Added Support for the EnvoyPatchPolicy API


  • Added Support for configuring Downstream Keep Alives


  • Added Support for configuring Rate limiting
  • Added Support for configuring load balancing


  • Added Support for configuring JWT
  • Added Support for configuring CORS

API Updates

  • Added support for selectively watching resources based on Namespace Selector
  • Added EnvoyGateway Metrics with Prometheus and OpenTelemetry support
  • Added Support for InitContainers in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for LoadBalancerIP in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for AllocateLoadBalancerNodePorts in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for LoadBalancerClass in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for selecting EnvoyProxy stats to be generated
  • Added Support for enabling EnvoyProxy Virtual Host metrics
  • Added Support for Merging Gateway resources onto the same infrastructure


  • Added egctl stats command

Kubernetes Provider

  • Improved reconiliation by using the same enqueue request for all resources
  • Added support for reconciling ServiceImport CRD

Breaking changes

  • Removed RateLimitFilter, and replaced it with BackendTrafficPolicy
  • Removed AuthenticationFilter, and replaced it with SecurityPolicy
  • Moved the EnvoyProxy CRD from to
  • Converted the bootstrap field within EnvoyProxy into a struct to support merge operations.