Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.5

Envoy Gateway v0.5 release announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of Envoy Gateway v0.5!

This is the fourth functional release of Envoy Gateway. We would like to thank the entire Envoy Gateway community for helping publish the release.

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What’s New

The release adds a ton of features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Upgrade Gateway API Dependency

  • Upgraded to Gateway API v0.7.1

Add Data Plane Proxy Telemetry

  • Added Support for Access Logging, Tracing and Metrics Telemetry

Add Support for directly configuring xDS

  • Added Support for the EnvoyPatchPolicy API


  • Added Support for Distinct Ratelimiting Based On IP Addresses
  • Added Support for JWT Claim based Ratelimiting
  • Switched to Xds SOTW Server for RateLimit Service Configuration

API Updates

  • Added Support for configuring EnvoyProxy Pod Labels
  • Added Support for configuring EnvoyProxy Deployment Strategy Settings, Volumes and Volume Mounts
  • Added Support for configuring EnvoyProxy as a NodePort Type Service
  • Added Admin Server for Envoy Gateway
  • Added Pprof Debug Support for Envoy Gateway
  • Added Support to Watch for Resources in Select Namespaces

Envoy Proxy

  • Added Best Practices Default Edge Settings to Xds Resources