Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.4

Envoy Gateway v0.4 release announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of Envoy Gateway v0.4!

This is the third functional release of Envoy Gateway. We would like to thank the entire Envoy Gateway community for helping publish the release.

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What’s New

The release adds a ton of features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Upgrade Gateway API Dependency

  • Upgraded to Gateway API v0.6.2

Add Helm Support

  • Installation of Envoy Gateway can now be done through helm

Add egctl CLI Tool

  • Added egctl Support for Dry Runs of Gateway API Config
  • Added egctl Support for Dumping Envoy Proxy xDS Resources

Add Support for extending Envoy Gateway

  • Added Initial Framework for Building an Extension on top of Envoy Gateway


  • Added Support for Ratelimiting Based On IP Subnet

API Updates

  • Added Support for Custom Envoy Proxy Bootstrap Config
  • Added Support for Configuring the Envoy Proxy Image and Service
  • Added Support for Configuring Annotations, Resources, and Securitycontext Settings on Ratelimit Infra and Envoy Proxy
  • Added Support for Using Multiple Certificates on a Single Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • Envoy Proxy Pod and Container SecurityContext is now Configurable
  • Added Support for Service Method Match in GRPCRoute
  • Added EDS Support