Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.3

Envoy Gateway v0.3 release announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of Envoy Gateway v0.3!

This is the second functional release of Envoy Gateway. We would like to thank the entire Envoy Gateway community for helping publish the release.

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What’s New

The release adds a ton of features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Add Support for extended Gateway API fields

  • Added Support for HTTPRoute URLRewrite Filter
  • Added Support for HTTPRoute RequestMirror Filter
  • Added Support for HTTPRoute ResponseHeaderModifier Filter

Add Support for experimental Gateway APIs

  • Added Support for the TCPRoute API
  • Added Support for the UDPRoute API
  • Added Support for the GRPCRoute API

Add Support for Rate Limiting

  • Added Support for Global Rate Limiting

Add Support for Authentication

  • Added Support for Request Authentication