Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.2

Envoy Gateway v0.2 release announcement.

We are pleased to announce the release of Envoy Gateway v0.2!

This is the first functional release of Envoy Gateway. We would like to thank the entire Envoy Gateway community for helping publish the release.

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What’s New

The release adds a ton of features and functionality. Here are some highlights:

Kubernetes Support

Run Envoy Gateway in a Kubernetes cluster. Checkout the quickstart guide to get started with Envoy Gateway in a few simple steps.

Gateway API Support

Envoy Gateway supports Gateway API resources for running and configuring a managed fleet of Envoy proxies. Envoy Gateway passes Gateway API core conformance tests and supports GatewayClass, Gateway, HTTPRoute, and TLSRoute resources. See the documentation for additional details on how to use Envoy Gateway for your edge proxy and API gateway needs.

Envoy Gateway at EnvoyCon NA

Envoy Gateway will be at EnvoyCon NA this October in Detroit. Don’t miss our talk to learn more about the release and future direction of the project.