Date: June 12, 2024


  • Updated EnvoyProxy to 1.29.5
  • Use Patch API for infra-client
  • Use ServerSideApply instead of CreateOrUpdate for infra-client


  • Fixed failures due to an expired certificate in one of the translator tests


  • Use - for naming service and container ports
  • Added proxy protocol always as first listenerFilter
  • Set ignoreCase for header matchers in extAuth
  • Added backend TLS SAN validation
  • Fixed ReplaceFullPath not working for root path (/)


  • Fixed duplicated xroutes are added to gatewayapi Resources
  • Fixed security policy reference grant from field type
  • Fixed Route extension filters with different types but the same name and namespace aren’t correctly cached
  • Fixed secrets/configmap updates to trigger a controller reconcile by removing the generationChanged predicate
  • Removed namespace restriction for EnvoyProxy parametersRef