Date: April 9, 2024


  • Updated EnvoyProxy version to v1.29.3
  • Fixed certgen to support creating the hmac secret during an upgrade


  • Fixed nil secret in resourceversiontable
  • Add missing http filters to the http filter chain when ClientTrafficPolicy and MergeGateways is enabled
  • Allow websockets when url rewrite is enabled
  • Set the Host header for http health checker
  • Fixed double slashes in redirect URL
  • Allow ClientTrafficPolicy to attach to multiple http (non https) listeners within the same Gateway
  • Set path prefix for the http ext auth service
  • Set the route matching precedence order to Exact > RegularExpression > PathPrefix
  • Fixed infraIR duplicate port translation for merged gateways
  • Set SpawnUpstreamSpan to true
  • Allow rate limit to work with multiple listeners


  • Skip creating infra resources when the InfraIR has empty listeners