Date: Oct 27, 2023


  • Introduced a new website based on Hugo
  • Added Grafana dashboards and integration docs for EnvoyProxy metrics
  • Added Grafana integration docs for Gateway API metrics


  • Added Support for configuring Envoy Gateway Label and Annotations using Helm
  • Increased default Resource defaults for Envoy Gateway to 100m CPU and 256Mi Memory
  • Fixes Helm values for EnvoyGateway startup configuration
  • Added opt-in field to skip creating control plane TLS Certificates allowing users to bring their own certificates.


  • Upgraded to Gateway API v1.0.0
  • Added the ClientTrafficPolicy CRD with Keep Alive Support
  • Added the BackendTrafficPolicy CRD with RateLimit and LoadBalancer Support
  • Added the SecurityPolicy CRD with CORS and JWT Support
  • Added EnvoyGateway Metrics with Prometheus and OpenTelemetry support
  • Added Support for InitContainers in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for LoadBalancerIP in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for AllocateLoadBalancerNodePorts in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for LoadBalancerClass in EnvoyProxy CRD
  • Added Support for selecting EnvoyProxy stats to be generated
  • Added Support for enabling EnvoyProxy Virtual Host metrics
  • Added Support for Merging Gateway resources onto the same infrastructure

Breaking Changes

  • Removed the AuthenticationFilter CRD
  • Removed the RateLimitFilter CRD
  • Enabled EnvoyProxy Prometheus Endpoint by default with an option to disable it
  • Updated the Bootstrap field within the EnvoyProxy CRD with an additional value
  • field to specify bootstrap config

Ci tooling testing



  • Improved caching of resource by implementing a compare function agnostic of resource order


Breaking Changes

  • Added support for routing to EndpointSlice endpoints
  • Added support for HTTPRoute Timeouts
  • Added support for multiple RequestMirror filters per HTTPRoute rule
  • Use / instead of - in IR Route Names
  • Added Support to ignore ports in Host header


  • Added the generationChangedPredicate to most resources to limit resource reconiliation
  • Improved reconiliation by using the same enqueue request for all resources
  • Added support for reconciling ServiceImport CRD
  • Added support for selectively watching resources based on Namespace Selector


  • Fixed Layered Runtime warnings
  • Upgraded to the latest version of go-control-plane that fixed xDS Resource ordering issues for ADS.
  • Added HTTP2 Keep Alives to the xds connection


  • Added Support for egctl stats command