Date: April 13, 2023


  • Added Docs for Installing and Using egctl


  • Added Helm Installation Support
  • Added Support for Ratelimiting Based On IP Subnet
  • Added Gateway API Support Doc


  • Upgraded to Gateway API v0.6.2
  • Added Support for Custom Envoy Proxy Bootstrap Config
  • Added Support for Configuring the Envoy Proxy Image and Service
  • Added Support for Configuring Annotations, Resources, and Securitycontext Settings on Ratelimit Infra and Envoy Proxy
  • Added Support for Using Multiple Certificates on a Single Fully Qualified Domain Name
  • Gateway Status Address is now Populated for ClusterIP type Envoy Services
  • Envoy Proxy Pod and Container SecurityContext is now Configurable
  • Added Custom Envoy Gateway Extensions Framework
  • Added Support for Service Method Match in GRPCRoute

Ci tooling testing

  • Fixed CI Flakes During Helm Install
  • Added Test To Ensure Static xDS Cluster Has Same Field Values as Dynamic Cluster
  • Added egctl to Build and Test CI Workflow
  • Code Coverage Thresholds are now Enforced by CI
  • Fixed latest-release-check CI Job Failures
  • Added Auto Release Tooling for Charts


  • Enabled GatewayWithAttachedRoutes Test
  • Enabled Enable HTTPRouteInvalidParentRefNotMatchingSectionName Test
  • Enabled Enable HTTPRouteDisallowedKind Test
  • Re-Enabled Gateway/HTTPRouteObservedGenerationBump Test


  • Added Support for Dynamic GatewayControllerName in Route Status


  • Update GatewayClass Status Based on EnvoyProxy Config Validation


  • Added EDS Support
  • Fixed PathSeparatedPrefix and Optimized Logic for Prefixes Ending With Trailing Slash
  • Updated Deprecated RegexMatcher
  • Refactored Authn and Ratelimit Features to Reuse buildXdsCluster


  • Added egctl CLI Tool
  • Added egctl Support for Dry Runs of Gateway API Config
  • Added egctl Support for Dumping Envoy Proxy xDS Resources