Date: February 02, 2023


  • Added Support for Multiple Release Versions
  • Added Support for Versioned Docs
  • Added Release Details Docs
  • Refactored Layout for User Docs


  • Upgraded to v0.6.0 Gateway API
  • Added Support for the TCPRoute API
  • Added Support for the UDPRoute API
  • Added Support for the GRPCRoute API (Add to the ListenerStatus.SupportedKinds Field until https://github.com/envoyproxy/gateway/issues/950 is fixed.)
  • Added Support for HTTPRoute URLRewrite Filter
  • Added Support for HTTPRoute RequestMirror Filter
  • Added Support for HTTPRoute ResponseHeaderModifier Filter
  • Added APIs to Manage Envoy Deployment
  • Added Support for Request Authentication
  • Added Support for Global Rate Limiting
  • Added Support for Routes ReferenceGrant
  • Added Support for Namespace Server Config Type

Ci tooling testing

  • Fixes Make Image Failed in Darwin
  • Fixes Wait for Job Succeeded before conformance test
  • Upgraded Echoserver Image Tag
  • Added Support for User-Facing Version
  • Added Support for Testing EG against Multiple Kubernetes Versions


  • Enabled HTTPRouteInvalidParentRefNotMatchingListenerPort conformance test
  • Enabled GatewayInvalidTLSConfiguration conformance test
  • Enabled GatewayInvalidRouteKind conformance test
  • Enabled HTTPRoutePartiallyInvalidViaInvalidReferenceGrant conformance test
  • Enabled HTTPRouteReferenceGrant conformance test
  • Enabled HTTPRouteMethodMatching conformance test


  • Added TCP Listener per TLSRoute


  • Fixes Remove Stale Listener Condition
  • Added Support for Suffix Matches for Headers
  • Added Support for HTTP Method Matching to HTTPRoute
  • Added Support for Regex Match Type
  • Added Support for HTTPQueryParamMatch


  • Refactored Kubernetes Provider to Single Reconciler
  • Upgraded Kube Provider Test Data Manifests to v0.6.0
  • Removed Duplicate Settings from Bootstrap Config
  • Updated Certgen to Use EG Namespace Env
  • Added EnvoyProxy to Translator and Kube Infra Manager
  • Upgraded Envoyproxy Image to envoy-dev latest in Main
  • Removed EG Logs Private Key


  • Fixed Start xDS Server Watchable Map Panics
  • Enabled Access Logging for xDS Components