Date: October 19, 2022


  • Added Config API, translator, roadmap, and message bus design documentation.
  • Added documentation for releasing Envoy Gateway.
  • Added user guides for configuring common tasks, e.g. HTTP request routing.
  • Added support for the Sphinx documentation generator.


  • Added the EnvoyGateway API type for configuring Envoy Gateway.
  • Added the EnvoyProxy API type for configuring managed Envoys.

Ci tooling testing

  • Added tooling to build, run, etc. Envoy Gateway.
  • Added Gateway API conformance tests.
  • Added Make-based tooling to fetch all tools so checks (code lint, spellchecks) and tests can be run locally.
  • Added support for releasing latest artifacts to GitHub.
  • Added code coverage with a minimum 60% threshold.


  • Added xds and infra IRs to decouple user-facing APIs from Envoy Gateway.
  • Added IR validation.


  • Added the gatewayapi translator to translate Gateway API and associated resources to the IR and manage the
  • status of Gateway API resources.
  • Added the xDS translator to translate the xds IR to xDS resources.


  • Added infra and xds IR watchable map messages for inter-component communication.
  • Added a Runner to each Envoy Gateway component to support pub/sub between components.
  • Added support for managing multiple separate Envoy proxy fleets.


  • Added Kubernetes Infra Manager to manage Envoy infrastructure running in a Kubernetes cluster.
  • Added support for managing a separate Envoy infrastructure per Gateway.


  • Added the Kubernetes provider with support for managing GatewayClass, Gateway, HTTPRoute, ReferenceGrant, and
  • TLSRoute resources.
  • Due to Issue #539, a ReferenceGrant is not removed from the system when unreferenced.
  • Due to Issue #577, TLSRoute is not being tested for Gateway API conformance.
  • Added watchers for dependent resources of managed Envoy infrastructure to trigger reconciliation.
  • Added support for labeling managed infrastructure using Gateway namespace/name labels.
  • Added support for finalizing the managed GatewayClass.


  • Added xDS server support to configure managed Envoys using Delta xDS.
  • Added initial support for mTLS between the xDS server and managed Envoys.
  • Due to envoyproxy/go-control-plane Issue #599, Envoy Gateway logs the private key of HTTPS listeners.