Compatibility Matrix

This section includes Compatibility Matrix of Envoy Gateway.

Envoy Gateway relies on the Envoy Proxy and the Gateway API, and runs within a Kubernetes cluster. Not all versions of each of these products can function together for Envoy Gateway. Supported version combinations are listed below; bold type indicates the versions of the Envoy Proxy and the Gateway API actually compiled into each Envoy Gateway release.

Envoy Gateway versionEnvoy Proxy versionRate Limit versionGateway API versionKubernetes version
v1.0distroless-v1.29.219f2079fv1.0.0v1.26, v1.27, v1.28, v1.29
v0.6distroless-v1.28-latestb9796237v1.0.0v1.26, v1.27, v1.28
v0.5v1.27-lateste059638dv0.7.1v1.25, v1.26, v1.27
v0.4v1.26-latest542a6047v0.6.2v1.25, v1.26, v1.27
v0.3v1.25-latestf28024e3v0.6.1v1.24, v1.25, v1.26
latestdev-latestmasterv1.0.0v1.27, v1.28, v1.29, v1.30