Release Announcements

Envoy Gateway Release Announcements

This document provides details for Envoy Gateway releases. Envoy Gateway follows the Semantic Versioning v2.0.0 spec for release versioning. Since Envoy Gateway is a new project, minor releases are the only defined releases. Envoy Gateway maintainers will establish additional release details, e.g. patch releases, at a future date.

Stable Releases

Stable releases of Envoy Gateway include:

  • Minor Releases- A new release branch and corresponding tag are created from the main branch. A minor release is supported for 6 months following the release date. As the project matures, Envoy Gateway maintainers will reassess the support timeframe.

Minor releases happen quarterly and follow the schedule below.

Release Management

Minor releases are handled by a designated Envoy Gateway maintainer. This maintainer is considered the Release Manager for the release. The details for creating a release are outlined in the release guide. The Release Manager is responsible for coordinating the overall release. This includes identifying issues to be fixed in the release, communications with the Envoy Gateway community, and the mechanics of the release.

QuarterRelease Manager
2022 Q4Daneyon Hansen (danehans)
2023 Q1Xunzhuo Liu (Xunzhuo)
2023 Q2Alice Wasko (AliceProxy)
2023 Q3Arko Dasgupta (arkodg)
2023 Q4Arko Dasgupta (arkodg)
2024 Q1Xunzhuo Liu (Xunzhuo)

Release Schedule

In order to align with the Envoy Proxy release schedule, Envoy Gateway releases are produced on a fixed schedule (the 22nd day of each quarter), with an acceptable delay of up to 2 weeks, and a hard deadline of 3 weeks.

VersionExpectedActualDifferenceEnd of Life
0.2.02022/10/222022/10/20-2 days2023/4/20
0.3.02023/01/222023/02/09+17 days2023/08/09
0.4.02023/04/222023/04/24+2 days2023/10/24
0.5.02023/07/222023/08/02+10 days2024/01/02
0.6.02023/10/222023/11/02+10 days2024/05/02


This section includes Releases Notes of Envoy Gateway.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v1.0

Envoy Gateway v1.0 release announcement.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.6

Envoy Gateway v0.6 release announcement.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.5

Envoy Gateway v0.5 release announcement.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.4

Envoy Gateway v0.4 release announcement.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.3

Envoy Gateway v0.3 release announcement.

Announcing Envoy Gateway v0.2

Envoy Gateway v0.2 release announcement.

Compatibility Matrix

This section includes Compatibility Matrix of Envoy Gateway.