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Manages Envoy Proxy as a Standalone or Kubernetes-based API Gateway

Manage Envoy Proxy as a Standalone or Kubernetes-based API Gateway.

Gateway API are used to dynamically provision and configure the managed Envoy Proxies.

Expressive API

Based on Gateway API, with reasonable default settings to simplify the Envoy user experience, without knowing details of Envoy proxy.

Batteries included

Automatically Envoy infrastructure provisioning and management.

All environments

Support for heterogeneous environments. Initially, Kubernetes will receive the most focus.


Vendors will have the ability to provide value-added products built on the Envoy Gateway foundation.


Supports a variety of Security features, such as TLS, TLS pass-through, secure gRPC, authentication. rate-limiting, etc.

High Performance

Built on top of the high-performance Envoy proxy, which can handle millions of requests per second.

Lower barriers to adoption through Expressive, Extensible, Role-oriented APIs

Support a multitude of ingress and L7/L4 traffic routing

Common foundation for vendors to build value-added products

Without having to re-engineer fundamental interactions.

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Member of the Envoy Proxy family aimed at significantly decreasing the barrier to entry when using Envoy for API Gateway.